I liked games like every kid, My dad got me my first game console Atari 2600, Super Nintendo, PS2 and later I started collecting PSP, PS3 still counting. My Passion turned in to making games in 2000 using 3D Game Studio Engine managed to make a simple game prototype (KILL).  Later started to work on Films, 3D Software development, training and games.

Currently working in Sumo India (A Division of Foundation 9 Entertainment) for the past 6 wonderful years and still counting. I use to play Age of Empires with my friends in college days non-stop 48 hours and more, i wondered when i would get an opportunity to work in game like AOE, after 8 years of travel Sumo gave me the golden opportunity to work in last and final version Age of Mythology for DS platform (My Dream came true).  Learned a lot on game development from programming to Art. Working in Sumo is a excellent experience. Recently Life struck hard on me and my family, Not sure how and why, I’m running with high inspiration and motivation to do something more and complete my dreams faster. In that course I managed to complete my First Hobby game project ” Tower Command HD “. I will keep you all updated.

– Aravindh

Check out my professional profile:  http://www.linkedin.com/in/thegame


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